Some have a career path figured out by the early part of their lives. For me, it happened at the age of 30 as I sat in my cubicle at work (think Office Space, the movie). 

While working full time and attending photography school, I decided to switch careers after 14 years.  It wasn’t an easy decision and many asked me “How could you walk away from the pay, security and benefits/perks”?  The answer was simple; I wasn’t happy and knew there had to be more to life.  I TRULY wanted to love what I do.

I had no idea how to make a full time career in the photography world but I was determined to figure it out and make it happen.  I’ve always loved working with people so it was natural that my journey began shooting events, portraits, weddings and families.  

While doing so, an additional opportunity had been presented to shoot some Commercial work as well.  This changed everything for me and my direction.  I really enjoyed working with a wide variety of products, fabric, textures and colors.  It's fascinating to see how they all photograph so differently.  Commercial Photography became my passion and I decided to focus on this full time instead. 

My specialties are Lifestyle, Fashion and Still Life Photography.  I bring a keen eye for detail, a tireless work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm to every new photographic venture.  I’m a perfectionist, very driven, passionate and love to keep pushing myself to the next level. 

I hope to inspire others to take a chance.  If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to make it happen.  Dream big and never give up!